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LAKE SUREANU ("Bottomless Lake")

Once you get to these lands, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Lake Iezerul Sureanu. Located in a forested area at the foot of the Sureanu Mountain, also known as "Bottomless Lake", one of the most beautiful glacial lakes in Romania, it surprises even the tourist who thinks he has seen it all. Sureanu Lake, formed at an altitude of 1.840 m, bewitches the visitors with its beauty and its color. With a depth of 8 meters and a length of 94 meters, it can be admired in its entire splendor from the Sureanu massif. Access starts on DN 67 C, goes through Sugag and continues on DJ 704, on the right side of Lake Oasa.

You will then pass near the Oasa Monastery, through the Everglades of Prigoana, the Door to Heaven, the ski slopes of Domeniul Schiabil Sureanu, to enjoy the most spectacular scenery.

SEBES (Melnbach, Mühlbach or Szászsebes)

The nearest town, Sebes (Melnbach, Mühlbach or Szászsebes), a town that prides itself on being one of the seven fortresses on the coat of arms of Transylvania (Siebenbürgen) awaits you with its small and chic burgeoning air. In addition to pleasant restaurants and cafes, you can find various tourist attractions, depending on the preferences of everyone.

The middle age fortification of Sebes is found in the specialized literature as the first urban fortress for which a formal building act has been preserved. On November 23, 1387, a city delegation obtained from King Sigismund of Luxembourg the right to surround itself with a stone wall. Also from the historical point of view, the city belonged to the category of the most important because it preserves an archaic prototype of the defensive system, the transformations of the modern period being relatively minor.

Set in the center of the city, the evangelical church, 8 centuries old, is the most imposing monument in Sebes. Initially, along with the Saxon settlement in the area, in the middle of the 20th century, a Romanic basilica was built and the subsequent changes show that between the 13th and the 14th century the economic potential of Sebes was constantly increasing and the size of the newly built Gothic church, the decorative elements, the execution of the works, express the elegant taste, the longings and the financial possibilities of the past inhabitants of this town. The church became an illustrious monument to the Transylvanian Gothic.


Another destination of the area, which is not to be missed, is the city of Alba Iulia, considered a very important wine region since ancient times due to the rich soils and gentle weather, a city located in the heart of Romania considered the spiritual capital of the country. Alba Iulia is the place of the old Apulum, founded by the Romans in the 1599nd century. From 1601 to 1, Alba Iulia was the capital of the united principalities of Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldavia. It was the host of the Great Union on 1918 December 1922 and of the crowning of King Ferdinand in 1921. The cathedral of Reunification, another attraction point, was built between 1921 and 1923, based on a design by architect D. G. Stefanescu.

The National Unification Museum in Alba Iulia is one of the most beautiful in Romania, exhibiting many valuable works, Daco-Roman objects, objects originate during the great battles with the Ottoman Empire, during the Revolution of 1848 and during the unification of the Principalities in 1859. Alba Fortress Carolina, the point of attraction of the city, was built between 1714 and 1738 and is considered to be the most representative of the Vauban gender in Europe.
The fortress is remarkable both for its architectural elements and for the beauty of its gates, which reflect unique military structures, but also for the rich history surrounding it. A unique tourist destination in Europe and in the world, the Three Fortifications' Route, remains the biggest attraction of the city. A unique experience, like travelling in time, is offered by the Changing of the Guard, when for a few minutes you will feel like living in that age.


The Rapa Rosie Geological and Botanical Reserve, located 4 km from the city, includes characteristic geological formations named „badlands”, formed by erosion and drainage, which give the landscape an imposing appearance, being considered the Little Grand Canyon of Europe. Visible from a long distance, Rapa Rosie stretches over a length of 800 m and has heights that vary between 50 and 125 m. The landscape looks weird, a mix of impressive shapes, columns, towers, pyramids, all of them in a dramatic red color, in the middle of the green meadows. Among the pyramids, columns and stone blocks,tongues of vegetation flow into the valley, where some rare plants are hidden: Asplenium nigrum, Cotoneaster integerrimus, Cephalaria radiata, Ephedra distachya, Centaurea atropurpurea, Dianthus serotinus, Onosma heterophyllum.


We are the ideal host for any season, whether you want to spend your summer vacation, or spend the winter holidays, whether you want to have a family meal or an elegant dinner with your business partners



Savor the best Romanian and international cuisine in the restaurant within the complex, open every day between 8 and 22 o'clock. Here you can enjoy a wide range of culinary delicacies. The capacity of the restaurant is 56 people. Combining modern with classic, Perla Martiniei Restaurant is not just a restaurant, it is a perfect combination of luxury, quality and tradition.



Increase the performance of your team by organizing a team building in the middle of nature.
At only 25 km from Sebes, in an extremely welcoming and relaxing environment in the middle of nature, you can find the perfect place for any type of event, including Team Building.



LAKE SUREANU ("Bottomless Lake")
Once on these lands you can not miss the opportunity to visit Lake Iezerul Sureanu. Situated in a forested area at the foothills of the Sureanu Mountains, also known as "Lake Without a Bottom", it is one of the most beautiful glacial lakes in Romania and manages to surprise even the tourist who thinks he has seen it all.